Second Chronicle, Part 2

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The Devil’s Petri Dish


The following transcriptions are the mission logs transmitted by Major Jamal Ali Hassad; code name: Juliet-six, special operative to the DOD/NSA Joint Special Operations Command headed by Brigadier General Thomas Sullivan, U.S. Army; code name: Overlord.
The transmission containing all the following logs was received November 25th, 2012 at 0214 Zulu.

(for definitions of military jargon and acronyms, move mouse over darker word)
(transcription continued…)

Juliet-six, mission log.
11-20-12, 1130 Zulu, 0600 local
Storm has finally passed. After inspecting my equipment, I have a significant amount damaged. I’ve destroyed and abandoned what I can’t repair. I have also suffered some physical damage from exposure. I am going after my targets to re-acquire.

I’m starting to understand why the shrinks in the psych-department recommend personal logs to deep solo operatives. I am definitely feeling the ragged edge right now.  The mission feels personal so I am combining my logs.

I had to remove two of my toes this morning—half of them anyway—so I don’t much feel like sticking to protocols.  I have several other moderate cases of frostbite; my ears, the end of my nose, and the tips of two fingers all had to have the destroyed flesh removed to avoid infection and gangrene. I’m in no mood for formalities, Overlord, and for the record; not unleashing me on my Tangos while I had them was a bad COA, now I’m in a total Charlie Foxtrot, and I’m pissed.

There’s only a light cloud cover today.  Sun’s getting through pretty good.  Some drifts of snow are deeper than I am tall. Crazy how these mountain winds can whip this snow around and pile it up.

I managed to find the road. I may have lost some of my equipment to the elements but at least my damn snow shoes are good to go. For expediency I’m moving on the road.  It’s flat and I can make good speed, but I am completely exposed. I need to make up time so I’m taking the risk.  My severed toes hurt like hell every time my right foot falls.  FISHDO, motherfuckers.  My anger keeps me going.  I’m easy to spot down here, but frankly, the way I feel right now, I almost have pity for anyone who crosses my path today.
Juliet-six out.

Juliet-six, 1355 local.
I just found one of the Tango-Victors.  I’m about 22 klicks east of my camp.  A snow drift covers the exposed passenger’s side.  Checking for booby-traps.
Juliet-six out.

Juliet-six, supplemental…
The vehicle wasn’t booby-trapped.  Cargo’s been transferred of course.  It appears that the problem is with the fuel injection system—a simple fix with the right tools.  With what I have, it may take as many as four hours.  If I fail, I’ve just lost a third of my daylight.  If I succeed, then I can really make up some ground.  To hell with it—I’m going for the repair.
Juliet-six out.

Juliet-six, supplemental…
Hard to work in these conditions.  Very little feeling in my fingers.  Fucking SNAFU.  I spread my poncho out under the engine to catch the tools I keep dropping.  I built a fire to warm my hands and some of the parts.  I can’t adjust them because they’re frozen.  This may take longer than I anticipated.
Juliet-six out.

Juliet-six, God-damn supplemental!
I got the son of a bitch started.  Tangos thought she was Tits Up.  The bastards took all the extra fuel but I still have a hundred miles in the tank.  Let’s see how this baby rolls!
She’s in gear, and… Hot damn!  Juliet-six is Oscar-Mike!  Woo-yeah!

Fucking T-bags couldn’t fix a cracked coffee cup with super glue, an instruction manual, and Goddamned divine intervention.  But a Delta Operator can MacGyver the shit out of a Toyota 4Runner with a Swiss Army knife, and a little American ingenuity, baby!  That’s right!

Okay.  Getting dialed in here.  The ROMA Data I’m guessing is they’re making 25 KPH in these conditions, tops—‘specially with precious cargo.  I figure max safe is 35, so I’m hitting 50.  It’s a long way down the mountain over on the passenger’s side.  Got to be ready for a quick bail-out if I lose control on the snow.

Yeah, this is some hairy shit.  It feels like a sleigh not a truck.  I’m signing off.  Got to concentrate.
Juliet-six out.

Juliet-six, supplemental…
Can’t check my watch.  Estimate 1630 hours local.  I have company.  A HELO of unknown origin just vectored in to my Three O’clock from the west and is pacing me level with my passenger’s window.  He’s checking me out.  I’m waving—that’s right, doing my best “I’m one of you assholes” wave.
Oh there he goes.  I don’t see any markings at all.  That’s not a friendly.  Time to pull this rig over and think.
(00:00:26 pause)

That HELO is radioing my position and speed ahead.  I slowed to about 25 KPH.  A competent armed unit at the ready could deploy to an ambush position in half an hour at the earliest, an hour realistically.  So they will be setting up about 22 klicks down the road.  If I maintain a 50 KPH average I will hit the ambush positions way before they’re set up.  They will adjust.  I can’t guess their mobility beyond a first deployment.  My SWAG says I’m good to go for maybe 40 klicks then.
Alright, let’s roll.
Juliet-six out.

Juliet-six has passed the 10 kilometer position.  No Tangos.  Out.

I just saw a spotter.  I am at the … looks like 17 klick position.  Are they set up already?  They must be, why else have a spotter.  There’s a left bend about 4 klicks ahead.  I will be out of LOS of their spotter and can make my move.
Juliet-six out.

Juliet-six, 1754
Position is 34.57 North, by 77.40 East.
I know where I am now.  About 15 klicks down, another road intersects this one.  It’s a perfect place to ambush any Victor traveling down this road.  They’d be able to get there and set up with plenty of time to spare.

They’re gonna be disappointed.  I sent the 4Runner over the edge and am making my way vertical.  It’s a steep mountain face here but I can still free-climb.  I need to find cover.  It’ll be dark soon.  Temp’s already dropping.  They won’t look for me on a steep slope like this in the dark.  I don’t intend to stay hunkered down.  I’m going to try and move through the night and pass their position.  I need cover to prep my gear.
Goddamn toes hurt.
Juliet-six out.

Juliet-six, 1814 hours.
I’m on the low ridge now and moving east toward enemy’s suspected position.

I was dead-on.  I got maybe 25 Tangos in 3 ambush positions overlooking the road.  They’ve got to be going nuts trying to figure out where I am.  Hope you’re all freezing your ball off.  Only way down is right past them unless I want to climb up and along the high ridge which I don’t have time for.
Juliet-six heading down, and out.

I’m past the ambush without detection.  I found clear terrain behind them and was able to move at a decent pace.  I did have to hold up for several mikes mid-way for some T-bag with a weak bladder.  He was looking right at me while he pissed.  They have camp fires going.  His night vision was shot.  I’d trade my night eyes for hot tea and soup in their position for damn sure.  I could smell it.  If it wasn’t for the wind they probably would’ve heard my stomach growling.  It was loud, like a real growl.  I would love to make those fuckers pay for reminding me how long it’s been since I’ve eaten.  Three days?  Four?  I’m heading down into a lowland valley so there will at least be some rough vegetation to chew.  I’ll take what I can get.
Juliet-six out.

Juliet-six, 0517 local.
I found some good cover.  There’s a strong scent of hoofstock in the little cave, and I found spore outside—some species of mountain deer.  I hate to ruin the their hideaway—if I use it they won’t ever again—but I have no choice.  If I had time I would wait, and take one down when they return.  God, I can almost taste the meat.  This cave’s deep enough to build a fire too.  I could roast it.  I saw something about 400 mikes back but I can’t pop off any rounds of course.  Get the T-bags all riled up.
Heading in to make camp.
(00:00:46 pause)

Yeah, this’ll do nicely.  It’s not altitude friendly—gotta stoop pretty low in here—but it’s deeper than I thought at first glance.  The deer have matted the floor with grass.  Hell yeah, I can stretch out.  Juliet-six is happy.  Yup…  Funny where you find luxury out here.  Real funny…
(00:01:00 pause – log ended, recorder auto shut off)

Juliet-six, 1507 Zulu, 0937 local.
I passed out.  No fire.  No equipment check.  Nothing.  I remember laying down.  That’s when the lights went off I think.  I feel refreshed today though.  My damn toes hurt.  I guess technically it’s my stubs that hurt, since I haven’t got toes there anymore.

I don’t know why that was funny.  I gotta check my toes.  This’ll be good news or bad news, but nothing in between.
Let’s see…
(00:00:18 pause)

My boots have taken a beating … 4 months and done.  Who goes through boots in 4..?  Oh shit…
(00:00:08 pause)

That’s bad news Ladies and Gentlemen.  What we have here is definitely bad fucking news.  Medic!  Oh, I am the medic.

Those of you who will eventually be listening to this mission log—that means you, Overlord—be thankful this is radio and not smell-o-vision, because this is nasty.  Of course it’s always worse when it’s your own flesh that’s infected and rotting and you have to cut more off.  Kinda fucks the head up.  Yes, I will be waking up to that for some time I’ll bet.  Where’s my FAK?

Ah!  Here it is, right where I put it.

So here’s the SITREP on my right foot: The 4th and 5th toes had to be amputated yesterday—was it yesterday?  No, two days ago?  And the time keeping device says..?  It’s the 21st.  Okay, so it was yesterday.  So I snipped a digit off each toe yesterday.  The stubby bits are infected so those gotta go too.  Warm toes are way more painful to amputate, believe me.

So here’s how this is done…

I sterilize my knife, then place my foot on top of the sterile gauze and then hack the knobs back far enough so there’s no infected toe left.  Then I have to cut and peel back the skin and expose raw meaty toe.  That has to be hacked off.  Then the now excess flap of skin gets sewn over the raw exposed meat.

I didn’t do this procedure yesterday and that’s why I am infected today; too much exposed flesh.  I couldn’t do it though because my foot was too cold.  Had I tried to peel skin back it would’ve just torn off like leather or something.

So now you know what I’m doing, and can imagine it as I do my best to manage my audio output lest I give away my position; sound carries in this thin air … it’s incredible.

I won’t be able to report, I’m afraid because I’ll be biting down on my knife sheath.  Here goes.
(00:37:28 of muffled exclamations of intense pain and heavy accelerated breathing)

Don’t try that at home, folks.
Juliet-six, going down.

Juliet-six, 1245 local.
I’ve had better days.  All evidence of my stay in the cave has been removed and I’m moving out.  There is a village about 10, maybe 15 klicks southeast.  My intent is to reconnoiter the village and if all’s clear, go down and play Taliban with the locals.  Hopefully I can dig up some Intel on my Tangos.
Juliet-six out.

Juliet-six, 1601 local.
Position: 34 North, 77 East.
I got an OP on a bluff overlooking the village of Bradjibir from about a half-klick out.  I am not alone.  I have spotted 6 two-man teams spread out across the slope about 500 mikes below my current elevation.  Each of these teams is intent on observing the village.  I cannot confirm it, but I suspect that there are matching teams across the valley on the ridge there doing the same.

I have been observing all six teams for an hour, and I can’t figure out what the hell they’re doing.  I did kill a rodent of some kind though.  I had to eat it raw.  It was food.  I feel better.  That’s all I have to say about that.

This activity is out of the norm so I am going to stay and OODA.  I can’t set up a proper OP because that equipment was damaged in the storm.  I have binoculars and my sniper’s scope.  I will not be breaking out The Long Ranger.”  He stays safe in his case.  Loose that and I lose my life.
Juliet-six out.

I may have just made one of the Tango-Victors.  It’s driving on the road heading south west.  It was in the village the whole time.  I had no LOS on the bastard.  I just can’t confirm from this range.  I’m moving down the slope to do some CTR.  The two-man teams look really tense.  They are dead-set focused on the village.  Gotta take eyes-off for a minute while I double-time it down.
Juliet-six out.

Juliet-six, 1641 local.
I’m about 100 mikes up the slope from the nearest Tango team.  I’ve confirmed that the SUV that left the village is one of my targets.  I unpacked the sniper scope to get confirmed visual.  The truck stopped about a klick away.  The passengers were out of the vehicle and, just like the teams on the slope, they were watching the village.
Now I am watching all of them.
Juliet-six out.

I have confirmed sighting of Bhahmr Khazad.  He’s climbed on top of the 4Runner and I have a clear view.  I can’t believe I’ve got you again you jihadist cocksucker.  What the hell do I do now?  I have got to get to that truck and inspect the cargo.  Overlord, I may have to disregard the ROE, from here on out.  The theater has change entirely.  I’m coming for your ass, Khazad.  You just stand up there and enjoy…
What was that?
(00:00:06 pause)

What’s..?  There a strange noise… Ah, hell, that’s screaming from the village. What the hell is going on down there?

Oh, my God…  Overlord, there’s some kind of riot in the village.  Indigenous personnel are attacking same.  It’s a frenzied riot, that’s all I can describe it as and … oh, shit!  A pack of the rioters just tore a chunk out of a man’s chest then ran on to attack another.  This is crazy!  What the hell’s happening down there?

Fucking Khazad, you had a bio-agent in those containers.  Holy shit.  Overlord, I definitely have a Danger-Red confirmation now.  Moving to gather Intel.
Juliet-six out.

(italicized indicates Arabic, bold indicates Prisoner dialog)

Juliet-six supplemental…
I have taken a prisoner.  This is an interrogation.
What are you orders?
Wait for order to advance on the village.
And do what?
Kill them.
All of them?
The prisoner is indicating an affirmative with a nod.
Get down.  Face down.  You move, you die.  Understand?
(00:00:11 pause)

It’s still happening down there.  What the hell did they give these people?  About twelve-hundred people live… Oh, God… Overlord, some of the villagers are eating the bodies.  Now they’re swarming on the fallen and tearing them apart.  What could do this?

What did you give those people?
I don’t know what they did.  I am ordered to come, so I come.  I don’t know anything!
What does Khazad have in those crates?
I don’t know anything.
I’ll cut your fucking eyes out!
Please, they make me do this!  They make me join the party.  I’m no jhihadi.  They made us all come.
I can tie you up and leave you for them to find when I’m gone, or I can kill you after I take everything you’re going to want in the afterlife.  Your eyes, ears, tongue, and your manhood.  You’ll be deaf, dumb, blind and impotent for eternity.  How’s that sound?
Please, don’t.
Then answer; Khazad came with two trucks … where’s the other one?
Yes, I saw it.  Another like that one.  Yes, it was here day before yesterday, but it left.
Toward India?
Anything else?
No.  I know nothing else.
I believe you.

(enemy radio transmission)
[All Soldiers of God advance immediately.  All Teams, all Teams, advance now.]

Son of a bitch!  Is that the order?
Oh shit.  This could be a problem.  Stay down.
(00:00:11 pause)

They’re advancing all right.  I’m guessing about 200 armed Tangos in two-man teams like this one are advancing from positions surrounding the village.  Distance similar to ours—just over half a klick.  How well are the big dogs monitoring each team though?

[Team Red-5, you have orders to advance.]

Red-5, is that us?
Shit.  That answers that.

[Red-5, advance now!]

This is no good.

[Team Red-5, you’ve been ordered to advance.  Join you brothers or you will be fired upon.]
Come on Makhel.  Let’s play the part.  Do anything funny and you die first.

I am going to keep this rolling because I have no idea where this road leads.
(00:00:48 pause)

Makhel has an AK with an empty clip.  He looks like he’s about to die of fright.  I think these poor fools were actually forcefully conscripted, halfway at least.

Oh hell, here come the rabid villagers.  This is crazy.  They saw the advance of armed men, and are now running right at the line.
(rifles fire – distant reports in background)

Our tardiness has put Makhel and me about 600 mikes behind the main advance.  It’s a good vantage point to assess how this develops.

Good God!  The conscripts are unloading on the villagers, and not putting them down.  What the hell?  These are not disciplined soldiers, they are going to run out of ammo soon.
Shit, I have some bee-lining on our position.
(rifle fire – immediate proximity)

Holy shit!  Three vital hits and the woman is still coming.
(rifle fire – immediate proximity)

Head shot put her down.
(rifle fire – immediate proximity)

Confirmed.  Head shots are the ticket.
(rifle fire – immediate proximity)

Oh hell… another wave, denser this time.  Some of the line has already been compromised.  Some are fleeing.  I’m halting advance.  There’s more behind this wave too.  Where did they all come from?  I got a hundred in my zone of containment and they’re coming fast.

Makhel, we’re on the same side now.  You know that, right?  Good.  Lock and load and stay calm.  

I’ve just armed the enemy

Short controlled bursts, Makhel.  Head shots only.  You got that?  Head shots only!  Here they come!
(rifles fire – immediate proximity)

Head shots, Makhel!  Head shots!
There are too many of them!
Don’t run!  Fire, move!  Fire, move!
(rifles fires – immediate proximity)

Don’t run!

(rifle fire – immediate proximity – continuous for 00:02:41)
(immediate proximity sidearm fire – continuous for 00:01:05)
(growling – apparent hand-to-hand melee for 00:00:16)

(mortar round incoming)
(ordinance detonation)
(log ended…)

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  1. ltdalin says:

    Up until he started carving his toes off, I felt I’d had “enough” of the technical jargon. But, then you hooked me back in again. Great stuff!

    • Christopher Shawbell says:

      Good to hear. My intent was for him to always get mad and merge logs so he’d be more natural. After the artillery he doesn’t do mission logs at all. From here out it is ON for Juliet-six.
      Did the pure audio transcription style during action at the end lend to your imagination, or restrict it?

    • Christopher Shawbell says:

      And did you see the mouse-over pop up definitions of the jargon?

      • ltdalin says:

        Yes, I saw it. Though It wasn’t as needed as it was during the first Chapter. Which is a plus.

        I guess it was the restrictive view that made me think twice, but, like I said, it only lasted a moment or two before I once again became engrossed by it.

        The audio transcription style is a good idea. It breaks off from the other “POVs” making it easier to distinguish voices. It also makes it more intense: when my phone rang while I was reading, I answered it by whispering. I was so stressed out over him getting discovered. . 😉

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