Second Chronicle, Part 1

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Sowing the Seeds


The following transcriptions are the mission logs transmitted by Major Jamal Ali Hassad; code name: Juliet-Six, special operative to the DOD/NSA Joint Special Operations Command headed by Brigadier General Thomas Sullivan, U.S. Army; code name: Overlord.
The transmission containing all the following logs was received December 29th, 2012 at 0214 Zulu.

(for definitions of military jargon and acronyms, move mouse over darker word)

Overlord, transmission code: Juliet-Six, Alpha-One-Zero, Hotel-Six-Niner.

Juliet-Six, Mission log.
The date is: 11-16-12.  The time is: 1210 Zulu.

Sunrise soon. Weather is clear and holding. My OP on the ridge overlooks Bukhata, a small mountain village. I have planned two days of surveillance of the village to determine if the locals have any association with enemy personnel. I cannot send Intel at this time. COMSEC is of high concern.  Satellite feeds cross-monitored in this area. A window in enemy relays and intercept satellites estimated to open on the 11-24-12 at approximately 1210 hours Zulu. Last contact with targets: 11-14-12.
Juliet-Six out.

Juliet-Six, Personal log.

Cheeseburger. There I said it. Now forget it. Day 73. The old rule of the field “brake it, or break it” has been feeling kind of poignant this past week. I’m 43 days over max. Mental is good to go, but my body’s taken a beating. Recovery time in the cold and altitude is a No-gel with mission parameters. My right knee locks up sometimes during sleep. FISHDO.

Been some real unusual activity on the Taliban Trail lately. My targets went subterranean. Probably a massive network under the mountain. Got as close as I could. No-joy on reacquire.

I’m hunkered down on a ridge overlooking a farming village with maybe 200 indigenous. Seems like a likely rally or resupply point for my Tangos if they come this way. If they’re heading east there’s only one road through here and I’m scoping it. I hope to find out soon. Weather is holding but it may break any day, and I’ll lose visibility.

No more Intel on the satellite splashdown rumors. If an electronic warfare satellite did go down somewhere in this region, the T-bags sure scooped it up in a hurry. Local grapevine HUMINT on the subject is a No-joy.

It’s driving me bat-shit not knowing what those boys were hauling when they went subterranean on me. If they snagged the downed E-Dub Sat, that would be a hell of a find for them, depending on whose it was. No word from Overlord on that.

It’s not ours or NATO, at least no one’s reported losing one from a NATO country. I hope it isn’t true. A state-of-the-art E-Dub Sat in the hands of the T-bags is bad news. The Taliban’s getting more efficient in their reverse engineering techniques.
I should get some shut eye before sun up——recharge the old batteries. Shit, did I just call myself old? I have killed men for less. So do I kill myself now? Probably should, it would get me off this fucking mountain.

Rations are getting low. I’m already supplementing with whatever I can find on the trail, but the hunting’s scarce now that winter’s setting in.

My clothes are getting a little worn and threadbare, and my equipment has taken a beating. Amazing how this country can eat up a set of gear in a hurry. I think I’m good for another 10 days as far supplies go. I got to reacquire those bastards though. If I can designate for a Sat-track to follow them, I could drop down to Srinagar and regroup for day.

Even that doesn’t feel right though. I want to stay on these mothers. Something’s happening here in the Kashmir. It feels different somehow. I don’t know what it is yet, but something heavy’s going down. I’ve got to stay sharp and find out what.
Well, enough shop talk for the night. I’m catching some Zulus.

Goodnight my beautiful SetAreh. See you in another month, baby.
Juliet-Six out.

Juliet-six, Mission log.

11-17-12. 1845 Zulu.
Perched in OP with good LOS. No-joy on targets. Indigenous personnel only.
Juliet-Six out.

Juliet-six, Personal log.

Bone-in rib-eye steak. Mmm-mmm! That one actually hurts. Felt my stomach do a jig. I don’t know if this really works or not, or if I’m just torturing myself somehow. The psychology behind it makes sense; say what you desire and you take its power away. In other words, say “cheeseburger” and I’ll stop drooling over an imagined one. Sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Temp dropped about nine degrees today. Winter seems to be coming in a little early. I’m cold and feeling distracted. Hunted for a short while today and reconnoitered the ridge in case I need emergency shelter if a real bad mother starts blowing through. Also if I do manage get something on my hunt, I sure would like to have whatever it is cooked and hot. I’ll need some kind of cave for that so a fire won’t compromise my position. Going to go up higher tomorrow. Higher means colder, but not if I can find proper shelter for the night.

Dropped below zero last night. I’m too exposed for those kinds of conditions. Being cold means upping my calories to keep my core heated. Upping calories mean more consumption of already meager rations.  So what’s up Peter, you got something for me?  Because I know this cat named Paul…

That is funny. It’s exactly what’s going on though; borrowing from Peter to pay Paul every day out here.
The temperatures dropping again. Time to hunker down.
Love you, SetAreh. You’re my beacon, baby … my shining star.
Juliet-six out.

Juliet-Six, mission log.
11-18-12, 0509 Zulu.

POIs have entered the village. Four men in a white SUV. They may be recon, or heralding the arrival of my primaries. Continuing surveillance.
Juliet-six out.

Mission log, supplemental…
Time is 1212 Zulu, 0512 local.

Twilight is coming. POIs remain indoors at indigenous lodging. Going tactical and doing CTR into village to confirm ID on POIs and/or vehicle if possible.
Juliet-six out.

Mission log, supplemental…

Descending the mountain. Spotted two village trucks heading north on ridge road below me. Snowing now. Visibility becoming limited. Continuing to village.
Juliet-six out.

Mission log supplemental…
0312 Zulu

It’s dark. I found a place to keep hidden here in the village with good LOS on the building my Tangos are in. I have some details on the truck. Snapped a photo of its VIN. Waiting for photo op on POIs. The village trucks have returned with supplies. They are definitely prepping for the arrival of more personnel. Standing by.
Juliet-six out.

Mission log supplemental…
2129 Zulu

Jackpot. Two vehicles inbound. SUVs. They came from northwest. Could be my Tangos.
Juliet-six out.

Mission log supplemental…
23519 Zulu.

Overlord, Juliet-six has reacquired targets. I have confirmed the ID of the leader of these Tangos as Bhahmr Khazad, a heavy-hitter in Al-Queda’s lineup. I got a good look at the new SUVs. Both vehicles have second row seats removed to hold two long, unmarked, rectangular containers of metal fabrication, about 30″ by 72″. I have photo evidence but there is a sentry within proximity preventing use of flash. Returning up the ridge to break down base and OP. I need to move fast so they don’t get ahead of me. The village is a bad place for me to set an ambush. Too many locals and too many opportunities for the enemy to find cover. I need them exposed in the open and with their guards down.
Juliet-six out.

Mission log supplemental…
2041 Zulu

Juliet-six is
Oscar-Mike . Going to get ahead and attempt to delay target vehicles with Road Hazard, then attempt contact with Overlord for advisement. This operative’s assessment is that the containers are definitely not friendly.

Juliet-six out

Juliet-six, mission log
11-19-12, 1006 Zulu

I have moved through the night, and am positioned well in advance of the target vehicles. Road Hazard is set. Standing by for Tango-Victor.
Juliet-six out.

Mission log supplemental…
1326 Zulu

Road hazard was outstanding! Tango-Victor temporarily delayed. Moving to higher ground to contact Overlord.
Juliet-six out.

Mission log supplemental…
1401 Zulu

Attempting contact with Overlord at JSOC. (transcription of radio contact)

Overlord, Julia-six, priority-one Sat-Com. Do you read? Overlord, Julia-six … Overlord, Julia-six, priority-one Sat-Com. Do you read? Over.
[Juliet-six, this (-static-) Overlord. (-static-) copy. Over.]
Overlord, I have confirmed ID of Bhahmr Khazad in a convoy of three Tango-Victors on Taliban Trail. Two with unidentified suspicious payload. Confidence is high, repeat; confidence is high that this is a Danger-Red cargo. Request permission to engage, and seize or destroy. Over.
[Juliet-six… (-static-) …request. (-static-) …]
Say again, Overlord. Over.
[Juliet… (-static-) …permission… (-static-) …. Over.]
Overlord, say again. Say again! Over.
Overlord, I am in a snow storm. Moving position to reestablish in three-zero mikes. Juliet-six out.
(end of radio contact)


Mission log supplemental…
1458 Zulu

Attempting again to contact Overlord at JSOC. (transcription of radio contact)

Overlord, Julia-six, priority-one Sat-Com. Do you read? Over.
[Juliet-six, Overlord. Your
Com is weak. Can you boost? Over.]
Overlord, Juliet-six WILCO at risk of COMSEC. Over.
[Juliet-six, your call, soldier. How hot…]

Shit! Fuck it!
(00:00:21 pause)

Overlord, Juliet-six has boosted signal. Do you copy? Over.
[Roger, Julia-six, we copy you loud and clear now. Over.]
Overlord, I have three Tango-Victors, two with suspicious payload. Confirmed Bhahmr Khazad is in convoy. Cargo is four metal crates approximately 30″ x 72″. No adornment. Plain polished metal. Tangos treating as high priority. Confidence is high, repeat; confidence is high that this is Danger-Red cargo. Juliet-six requesting permission to engage and capture, or eliminate Khazad, and seize or destroy cargo. Over.
[Standby, Juliet-six. Over.]
(00:04:29 delay until reply)

[Juliet-six, this is Overlord-Actual, repeat; this is Overlord-Actual. Respond. Over.]
Overlord-Actual, I read you, sir. Over.
[Juliet-six, request is denied, repeat; request to engage denied. Consider primary mission to identify cargo. Do you copy, Juliet-six? Over.]
Overlord-Actual, roger. Mission imperative: identify cargo.
(00:00:07 pause)
Overlord-Actual, I want to clarify; there are eight, repeat; eight Tangos escorting cargo. It will be difficult to get near those vehicles if I don’t go in Weapons-Hot. Over.
[Juliet-six, Overlord believes you will find a way. Regional OPSEC cannot be compromised without a positive Danger-Red classification on that cargo. Weapons are HOLD/SAFE. Is that clear, Juliet-six? Over.]
Roger, Overlord-Actual. WILCO. Over.
[Excellent, Juliet-six. Good luck son. Overlord-Actual Out.]
(end of radio contact)

Son of a bitch!

Juliet-six, Personal log.

Fuck the date and time. I marched ahead maybe eight Klick while the Tangos were delayed on the road. Became too dangerous in the storm.  Zero visibility came on quick. Found a bit of shelter. Hunkered down now. Cold, hungry, pissed off, and worried about that cargo. I have a really bad feeling.  If Khazad is willing to risk moving something in these conditions must be of major importance to the T-bag chiefs.

If only I could’ve gotten into those trucks in the village. If this storm keeps up, and the vehicles are able to stay Oscar-Mike , I won’t be able to keep pace with them. In all truth, I think I’m only good for about four to five more days out here anyway. Every day I can feel myself getting weaker. This damn knee is a constant menace now.  I’m damn near
PMC Enough cry babying.  Ah FISHDO.
(00:00:11 pause)

Thanksgiving in three days… I’m sorry, SetAreh, I will miss another holiday with you and Ali. I know you understand, but when will an apology no longer be enough?

I miss you my love, both of you. I’m sorry that I have been gone so long. I know you know my work is important. How is Ali doing in school? I wish I could be there to see him experience University, be there for the times when only a father’s ear can help. I know he understands what I do and why, but I also know it must be difficult not having me there for support.  Difficult for you too, sweet SetAreh. How do you spend your days? Do you keep yourself occupied as I do with the tasks of day-to-day life? I can see your day planner now; not a single space left on any of the pages. You were always the planner. Our wedding, vacations, even family weekends at home you planned down to the finest detail, so I’m sure you give yourself plenty to do to stay occupied and not think about your soldier-husband who is still so far away.

I know I have said it before, my love, but truly I mean it this time; this will be my last in-the-field operation. When I return, we will write my request for reassignment together, and by Spring I will have my butt permanently parked behind a desk in Washington within a reasonable commute from our lovely home that I miss so much.

Well, my beautiful wife, whom I honor above all things, I must get some sleep now, for I have still many days of hell ahead of me until that day I finally come home to you.
Juliet-six out.

Juliet-six, mission log.
11-20-12, 0705 Zulu

Juliet-six lost Tangos. The storm’s kept up for 27 hours now. Visibility is less than 5 mikes. So much snow has fallen that I can’t even find the road much less the tracks of the Tango-Victors. I have made three attempts to contact Overlord to give a SITREP, but have been unable to get through. If this storm continues, I fear I will lose Khazad and the cargo permanently. Juliet-six will do everything within his power to reacquire. I am moving out into the storm again.
Juliet-six out.

Mission log supplemental…

The storm has increased in magnitude. I’ve been forced to take long term shelter. Temperatures have dropped far below freezing. This will be my last mission log until the storm clears.
Juliet-six out.

Julia-six, personal log.

(Background wind noise, and the shivering of Juliet-six made for difficulties with the transcribing)
The storm had better end soon or you fuckers can kiss one mid-east op goodbye. Must be twenty-below wind-chill factor at least. I’m not equipped for this. This severe of a storm is unseasonably early. I’m sure it caught the T-bags off guard too. Lucky sons a’bitches have SUVs though. Wish I had killed them when I had the chance. I would be riding in one of those right now. “Regional OPSEC” my butthole! You should’ve let me have them, Overlord. Now we’ll probably never know what the fuck is in those metal containers. Two and a half months of traipsing through these mountains and risking my life for nothing! Goddammit!
(00:00:17 pause)

I should have listened to you, baby … I should have listened. I should’ve stayed home with you and Ali, and fought my personal battle from the safe, and climate-predictable, confines of a Intelligence office. I should’ve come home to you every night, shared a hot dinner, and talked with you, or maybe watched a movie curled up on the couch. I should’ve spent my nights making love to you, feeling your soft skin against me, hearing your whispers of “I love you.” I should’ve been sleeping against your warmth.

But I didn’t listen, so here I lie in the lee of this big fucking rock, not even half guarded from the storm, freezing to my very bones, and not entirely certain that I will make it through until the storm ceases. It’s so cold. The wind whips around my rock and stabs me like a hundred knives right through my gear to my bones. I can feel my marrow chill. I can’t open my eyes. They’re frozen shut. My teeth hurt from chattering. I can’t stop. All the will I can summon won’t stop this convulsive shivering and teeth chattering. I guess that’s good. When the shivers stop, when the body can’t keep it up any longer, that’s when it starts to make those tough decisions; sacrificing fingers and toes, then hands and feet to save blood flow for the core. I want to just sleep … sleep and wake with this storm gone and the sun shining. Maybe even wake in bed with you, my love.

No, no. I can’t wander like that. Sleep will kill me, kill me for sure. I don’t think my legs are shivering any more. Yes. The shivering is less intense … the chattering too. I have got to move my body. My legs feel frozen. I know they aren’t yet, but they won’t move.
(grunting and yelling)

I’ve got them moving. Using my arms to help. I have got to try and hold out.  If I can’t, sweet SetAreh, will you ever forgive me? Can you forgive me for leaving you and Ali alone? Can I forgive myself? No, I think. You’re so understanding, my love, but I know that deep down you already resent that I have spent so much time away. Ali does as well. How will you two ever forgive me if I die here in these mountains ten thousand miles from home? Yes it’s true, the day they hand you that folded flag you will hate me forever. You will nod when others speak of the honor of service and the sacrifice of soldiers, but inside you will scream, “What of my sacrifice?!?”

I know this. I know and I don’t blame you, sweet SetAreh. So hate me. Hate me if it helps you leave me behind. Right now I hate myself … almost as much as I hate this bitter cold. Too cold to sleep. Too dangerous.  So is my mind; sinking down. I have to stop. So I’m going to log off, my love, my wife, my SetAreh. I hope to wake to sunshine.
Juliet-six out.

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  1. Sup C? I”ll tel the truth – its damn dope C, but iI did a dub shift and I can’t finish. I gotsta get to bed. Still no fellas of pigmented persuasion..At least homie anit eatin them. keep it rizzle.

  2. rocco613 says:

    Heavy on the military jargon, but I think most folks can fill in the blanks, as I did. Love the snowstorm.

  3. ltdalin says:

    Very exciting! You have a knack for describing inner feelings. Are you normally an empathic person? It takes a lot of skill to be able to put oneself in a foreign situation with so much attention to detail.

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